The Vase Capsule by Nathaniel Jones
Apr 9, 2017

We’re proud to introduce our newest artist capsule – a collection featuring an amazing custom ‘vase’ illustration designed by UK artist Nathaniel Jones. This print / pattern is inspired by ancient greek vases & urns, updated with images close to our heart – cameras and skateboarders.

This collection includes a cotton canvas jacket (in two colors) lined with Nathaniel’s custom print, a short sleeve button down, 2 hats, 2 pants and a long sleeve and short sleeve tee shirt both available in several colors.

Nathaniel jones is a designer and illustrator from Cardiff, UK. His work is heavily influenced by a love of skateboarding and all of the culture that surrounds it.

Nat has been making graphics for the skate industry for over 15 years and currently works for Shiner distribution designing and developing Santa Cruz skateboards and Independent truck Co’s European apparel collections. His constant need to create and experiment has recently manifested into his latest side project Requiem For A Screen, and lead to collaborations with Etnies, Primitive and Quartersnacks.

Check out the capsule over in the Shop Section and
Check out more of Nat’s work @rumoursandlies

A quick interview with Nathaniel:

1. How did you come up with this ‘Vase’ Concept and why do you think it works for the Quiet Life?
I think it was just from a day out to a museum with my wife, I took some photos of Greek vases with dudes wrestling on them. With everything so disposable today I really liked the permanency of these artefacts and that they had been used to document what was popular at the time. I thought it would be cool do that with skateboarders. The camera aspect of it came in later when I was thinking about changing ways skateboarding has been documented so dropped in some old polaroid and some more modern photographic icons from digital cameras the macro and portrait symbols. I’ve always liked collaborative nature of the quiet life camera club and your use of patterns throughout the line so figured it was worth send over to see if you wanted to use it.

2. What inspires you? And does this show in your work?
I like to travel and always come back from a trip with a ton of ideas that usually filter down into my work in some way. With the collage pieces i’ve been making recently for @requiemforascreen the influences are direct from the skate mags I studied for hours as a teenager.

3. Dream Job?
Pretty much what i’m doing now. I just want keep working on projects with brands
that put out quality product and support the scene they are involved with.

4. What’s next?
I have loads of really exciting things happening at the moment. I’m super hyped on the next Santa Cruz quick strike
I worked on that’s dropping in May featuring a couple of Santa Cruz legends. The Independent W17 apparel came out super good so I’m looking forward to that being delivered, and the stuff that’s lined up for 2018 is insane. I have some new graphics in the next Quartersnacks drop and I’m working on a new brand that will be launching towards the end of this year. Hopefully some more Quiet Life graphics too!

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