The Lookout & Wonderland Artist collection has arrived!
Dec 9, 2022

Lookout & Wonderland (Niki & Yusuke Tsukamoto) began in 2005 as a home for radical idea-making and collaborative creation. Their focus is to create a space where every area of their respective studies and practices, from natural medicine and meditation to brand identity and creative direction would hold equal weight and guide their approach to making work. They’ve felt an ever-quickening urgency over the years to provide creative work that helps to raise awareness and connect people to a path towards global health and well-being. Utilizing fabrics in their personal art, that are grown with carbon-sequestering farming methods, dead-stock excess from the fashion industry, sustainably grown plant-based dyes and local invasive species are just a few of the ways they work with their community to bring forward a better way to the future. They apply this ideology to graphic design, creative direction, and brand identity as well, working together with clients to shape considerate design with the most sustainable methods possible.

The intention of their art practice is to examine the nature of personal reality, the origin of consciousness
(personal and collective), the limitations of knowledge and to study the conundrum of universal non-duality.