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The Quiet Life Camera Club > Submissions are open to photographers of all levels. To become a member is simple, all you have to do is upload a few photos you’ve taken using the simple steps below > Your image MUST be a JPEG, and MUST be no taller than 650 pixels, no wider than 1000 pixels and a resolution of 72 dpi saved as RGB, other wise we will be unable to post your picture. The download will not complete
 if the file is too large, or if it is not a JPG image type.

The Camera Club is a project we started because we love photography.
Here at The Quiet Life, we are extreme photography enthusiasts, and we wanted to create a place online where photographers from around the world, of all levels, could submit their own, favourite photos, to become an instant member of the Club. Bringing together different tastes and styles from photographers globally, shooting film and digitial across all formats of cameras, uniting them together in one club.

Submissions are open to photographers of all levels. To become a member is simple, all you have to do is just upload a few photos you’ve taken to us using the simple steps outlined under the JOIN – BECOME A MEMBER Link you see in the centre of this page.

Your image MUST be a JPG, and MUST be smaller than 500kb. The download will not complete
 if the file is too large, or if it is not a JPG image type.

By emailing photos to us, you grant us the right to show your photos on this website, if your photo(s) are chosen for the next issue of our book – we will contact you via the email address you provided above asking for a higher-resolution version of the image. Unfortunately, not all submitted photos will be displayed on this site or will be published in the next issue of “The Camera Club” book. We apologize for this, but we receive so many submissions that we can not fit them all in. Your name and e-mail address will go into our database, and you will recieve “Camera Club” updates from time to time.

If you have any problems or questions, send an e-mail to

The main focus with the Camera Club is our online gallery, but in previous years we have started to take some of our favourite submissions and put them in book form. We’ve published 2 collections of Camera Club images so far.

The second focus of the Camera Club, is to share some our favourite photo submissions through The Quiet Life’s main seasons clothing collections. With in each main seasons collection, we produce at least four exclusive Camera Club t shirts from the best of the most recent Camera Club online submissions. Some times we may also include an exclusive Camera Club fleece or long sleeve t too. Every exclusive piece will have its own printed description of the photographer on the shirt and special swing tag with information too.

We are going to continue to add new Camera Club items each new season. And even collaborate with special photographers to create mini capsule collections as exclusive releases, and special photography events too.

Thanks for your interest in The Quiet Life Camera Club. We hope you decide to join!


  • merry-go-round over the sea
    benjamin giovinazzo

    canon f1, fuji xtra400

    shot while walking by the sea and was immediately attracted by this attraction park, all the colors, people enjoying their time ...

  • Misty
    Jordan tamayo-gabaylo

    Nikon D40

    Nikon d40
    •1 second
    •ISO 100


  • Maddie
    shane toomey

    Mamiya 645/kodak portrA 800

  • Apartment pool
    sara chang

    Contax aria

    Taken with the holga 12s flash of my cousin in the pool.

  • valkyrie
    john rossi

    leica m3 / kodak tri-x

    this is a prototype plane from the 60's designated as the xb-70. an incredible design that was pure science fiction. there were only two of these built and this is the only one left. the other crashed outside of palmdale. these things scared the hell out of everyone.

  • golden beaches
    Andrew hartfelder

    Canon t6

    Newport Beach: Golden sights, smooth sand, great visuals

  • Madison fest
    Joshua Nowlin

    Sony A6000

  • CaliforniA Love
    Goodtimesphotography & Co.

    50 mil


  • rust in peace

    Once fast and furious, now living the quiet life.

  • orange sky
    Ricardo Virseda Dos Santos

    minolta riva zoom 90

    35mm @richirocks9

  • the old west
    Cristopher bustamante
  • Dude, What does mine say?
    Alex Castillo

    Fujifilm x-t1

    "Sweet, what does mine say?"

  • shadow
    Adam Delisi

    Canon A-1

    Darmstadt, Germany

  • light 1
    Adam Delisi

    A-1 Kodak Tri-x 400

    Darmstadt, Germany

  • last
    Adam Delisi

    Menomonie, WI

  • river
    Adam Delisi

    A-1 Kodak gold

    darmstadt, Germany

  • 2968 – california barn
    josue robledo

    Sony SLt-A57 minolta 50mm 1.7

  • andrew

    canon 6d / 100mm 2.8 l macro

    this is andrew. andrew has autism, i had the PRIVILEGE to photograph a campaign to help raise autism awareness. this is one of my favorite photographs from the series.

  • Black Sand white water
    Catherine morton

    minolta x300 / kodak trix400

    a black sand beach, iceland
    15th February 2017

  • upwards
    Max Urbina

    Canon 550D

    LÅnge erik - Ölands norrA. Sweden. 2016

  • morning docks
    ben weaver

    nikon d3300

  • Untitled 1

    canon 80D eos

    Cairo, IL — 2017

  • Wrong move
    Haotian Jiang

    Sony A6000

  • by the dock
    joy marie

    Pentax k1000 / kodak 200

    sitting by the dock ft. light leak

  • by the oasis
    jean Drouin-gagné

    cANON T3I (18-135MM)

    hUACHINA, peRU.

  • STar night
    Cannon KennEy

    Nikon D3300

    Arrowhead night sky

  • Window to the world
    Deedee Southerlin
  • Subway rose
    Stephen Attong

    Fujifilm x100t

  • dead | alive 004
    bart kibbe

    Graflex Speedgraphic, fujiFilm Fp-100c

  • Fairfax on Fire
    Daniel Ridgway

    Vivitar V3800N / 35mm Color

    This shot got exposed when TSA opened the back of my camera at the airport. Left an interesting Burn to it.

  • Brickwork
    Daniel Ridgway

    Vivitar V3800N / 35mm Color

    Taken in Georgetown Washington D.C.

  • Wild
    Timothy Lefkowitz

    mamiya c33

    life is light

  • Highland park cowboy
    david sperring

    ricoh gr1s/ kodak portra 400

  • Tokyo Phone
    Jeff Levingston

    EOS 6D WITH 35MM F1.4

    Strolling through Shinjuku around midnight on a Thursday it was pretty quiet. This phone booth looked a little spooky.

  • Colorado Overpass
    Shane Toomey

    Mamiya 7ii/ Kodak Ektar 100

  • cold air, warm fire
    Joshua Nagtalon

    Canon 6D

    life is better around the campfire

  • Rain Room
    Karina Tran

    Sony NEX-5r

    I didn't know her.

  • 3am fog

    Canon 6D

  • “The Purple Lake”
    Sarah Personne

    Sony DSLR-A300

    On a long journey to the Lake Clement in Swizerland, my aura was purple, my mind set was purple, everything that I saw as purple.

    Natural caption on a peaceful end of day.

  • lake life
    Irving Sendra

    canon powershot sx530 hs

  • waiting for the soviet
    celine meunier

    Nikon F2 / Kodak Portra 160

    Kirghizstan - septembre 2016

  • born to run
    celine meunier

    Nikon F2 / Kodak Portra 160

    Kirghizstan - september 2016

  • surfin’
    celine meunier

    Nikon F2 / Kodak Portra 160

    kirghizstan 2016 september

  • make a wish
    celine meunier

    Nikon F2 / Kodak Portra 160

    Kirghizstan 2016 september

  • Smog
    Francisco Trejo


    Eco Friendly Please....

  • Lost my wallet
    Jack Wall

    Canon A35F/Velvia 100

  • Eliot, Zombie
    Justin Visnesky

    Contax 139 Quartz / Kodak Gold 400

  • Harbour Bridge
    Ryan Viertel

    Nikon 60d


  • Morning Dew
    Ronn Tan Hsien Han

    Huawei Mate S

    Nature is something we must cherish, not perish.

  • Horizon
    Chris Muth

    canon 70d

    the sun is wild in the fall

  • Untitled_49
    Josh Dutton

  • Bozeman Ave
    Kiernan Grissom

    Photo of downtown Bozeman taken for Montana Beach Association.

  • Untitled_47
    Josh Dutton

  • Legs
    Clinton Lawrey
  • Quinn Standley | Early
    Quinn Standley


    Yaki Point Grand Canyon
    September, 6:00 AM

  • Aaron Shipley | antiquated
    Aaron Shipley

    iPhone 5s

  • Tinus Odendaa | Zebra in balck and white
    Tinus Odendaa

    Canon EOS40D

    I loved the backlighting around the zebra, the monochrome effect accentuated it better. Taken in 2009 in South Africa

  • Michael Owooje | Untitled_2
    Michael Owooje

    Canon 6D 85 1.2 L

  • Paul Mai | HWY 1
    Paul Mai

    Leica Mini II / HP5

    35mm life

  • Joshua Collins | Pendennis
    Joshua Collins

    canon 600d

  • Derek Corneau | 500
    Derek Corneau

    Canon AE-1 / Fuji Superia


  • Ben McCrory | Deep Blue
    Ben McCrory

    Nikon d5300

    Waking up early pays off. No colors were enhanced in any way.

  • Mowgli | Untitled_2


    Adventuring around Treasure Island

  • Jesse Hunniford | utopia
    Jesse Hunniford

    canon mark ii 24-105

  • Roger Allen | grey
    Roger Allen

    Nikon F 90 X / Film

  • Adison MacDonald | Family Trippin
    Adison MacDonald

    Pentax ME Super / Kodac 400

    Photo of my dad on a recent family trip to Tofino BC

  • Kees Wilcox | Tomales Bay | 14 | 6.8.15
    Kees Wilcox

    Minolta Maxxum 7000 | Kodak GOLD 200

  • Jaushua Rombaoa | Submerged
    Jaushua Rombaoa

    Sony A7



    beauty & beast

  • Derek Corneau | The Banyan Tree Motel
    Derek Corneau

    Canon AE-1 / Fuji Superia

    The Banyan Tree Motel (st. pete, florida)

  • Joe Walmsley | Theatre
    Joe Walmsley

    Homemade Pinhole Box Camera

    We live in a world of film and digital. Why not combine the two? Homemade pinhole shoebox cam with IPhone 5c to capture the image. Now I wanna watch a movie.

  • Scott Hayward | Chair Lines
    Scott Hayward
  • Kellen Dengler | Bridge at Night
    Kellen Dengler
  • Anthony Arevalo | City Nights
    Anthony Arevalo
  • Carter Bourassa | In the Gardens
    Carter Bourassa
  • Adrian Luna | The Valleys
    Adrian Luna
  • Jeffrey Schultze | Through the Fields
    Jeffrey Schultze
  • Rik Cotterill | High Up
    Rik Cotterill
  • Daniel Salgado | Sagebush
    Daniel Salgado
  • Jacob Vasquez | Searching Sounds
    Jacob Vasquez
  • Jarred Mcknight | In the distance
    Jarred Mcknight
  • Patrick Clarke | Boats on dock
    Patrick Clarke
  • Sebastian Allen | Hanging Out
    Sebastian Allen
  • Alida Bea | She Rockstar
    Alida Bea
  • Josh Dutton | The Statue
    Josh Dutton
  • Sean Algaier | Sunsetting Ocean
    Sean Algaier
  • Paul Mai | Fenced Power
    Paul Mai
  • Jim Grossman | Animal texture
    Jim Grossman
  • Amir Muzafar | B&W Paradise
    Amir Muzafar
  • Kaleb Jordan | Lake Sunset
    Kaleb Jordan
  • Pedro Barrera | Rock Out
    Pedro Barrera
  • Adison Macdonald | Pentax view
    Adison Macdonald