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The Quiet Life Camera Club > Submissions are open to photographers of all levels. To become a member is simple, all you have to do is upload a few photos you’ve taken using the simple steps below > Your image MUST be a JPEG, and MUST be no taller than 650 pixels, no wider than 1000 pixels and a resolution of 72 dpi saved as RGB, other wise we will be unable to post your picture. The download will not complete
 if the file is too large, or if it is not a JPG image type.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

The Camera Club is a project we started because we love photography.
Here at The Quiet Life, we are extreme photography enthusiasts, and we wanted to create a place online where photographers from around the world, of all levels, could submit their own, favourite photos, to become an instant member of the Club. Bringing together different tastes and styles from photographers globally, shooting film and digitial across all formats of cameras, uniting them together in one club.

Submissions are open to photographers of all levels. To become a member is simple, all you have to do is just upload a few photos you’ve taken to us using the simple steps outlined under the JOIN – BECOME A MEMBER Link you see in the centre of this page.

Your image MUST be a JPG, and MUST be smaller than 500kb. The download will not complete
 if the file is too large, or if it is not a JPG image type.

By emailing photos to us, you grant us the right to show your photos on this website, if your photo(s) are chosen for the next issue of our book – we will contact you via the email address you provided above asking for a higher-resolution version of the image. Unfortunately, not all submitted photos will be displayed on this site or will be published in the next issue of “The Camera Club” book. We apologize for this, but we receive so many submissions that we can not fit them all in. Your name and e-mail address will go into our database, and you will recieve “Camera Club” updates from time to time.

If you have any problems or questions, send an e-mail to

The main focus with the Camera Club is our online gallery, but in previous years we have started to take some of our favourite submissions and put them in book form. We’ve published 2 collections of Camera Club images so far.

The second focus of the Camera Club, is to share some our favourite photo submissions through The Quiet Life’s main seasons clothing collections. With in each main seasons collection, we produce at least four exclusive Camera Club t shirts from the best of the most recent Camera Club online submissions. Some times we may also include an exclusive Camera Club fleece or long sleeve t too. Every exclusive piece will have its own printed description of the photographer on the shirt and special swing tag with information too.

We are going to continue to add new Camera Club items each new season. And even collaborate with special photographers to create mini capsule collections as exclusive releases, and special photography events too.

Thanks for your interest in The Quiet Life Camera Club. We hope you decide to join!


  • Country
    zio DOmingo

    Nikon f3/ fuji c200


  • Cape tow cable way

    iphone 11

    cape town Cable way

  • reflection
    Nate KNaeble

    made during covid walking my neighborhood in Chicago

  • Do you wanna win
    Martin cass

    Canon 80d

  • Untitled_172
    Coco gonzalez

    Mamiya 645/ tmax400

  • Seymore sunset
    Karston Jewell

    Canon AE1 35mm

    Some friends up on seymore mountain in vancouver bc.

  • Transit
    Howie B

    Leica M6

    kodak tri-x 400
    Downtown cincinnati.oh


    Sony A7II / 50MM f1.8

    Fair days is a series where I visit local fairs in South Florida (big and small) and just capture sights and moments that one may not see right away or miss.


  • batman
    Matt sklar

    Contax T2 - Kodak tri x 400


  • Summer of Distance & Patience
    Kaley sise

    canonae1 ON kodakportra400

  • Palma Nights
    Troy peace

    Olympus OM10

    Driving with the HOMIEs to the new skate park, took it during the drive

  • Trees n Clouds
    Ethan Jolly

    Nikon D850

    Somewhere in Big sur high above the fog

  • Record Shopping

    Canon AE-1 / Ilford HP5 Plus 400

    Asheville, North Carolina

  • Sunset over montebello
    Josh QuinteRo

    Canon AE-1 Program/ Ektar 100

    Went out skating and found this sunset

  • The bliss of one another
    Alejandro Castillo

    Fujifilm X-T1 50mm

    Taken Feb. 14th 2020 San Francisco

  • Winter Afternoon
    Sean Wang

    canon 650/Kodak Ultramax 400

    Taken in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

  • Zenith
    Ruby HEart

    fuji xt3

  • inconsistent frogs pt. 1
    joshua higgins

    olympus om-2 / cinestill 800t

  • shim

    cosmic 35 / Ilford hp5 400

  • brazilian bikelife
    Pedro gomes

    canon 6d

    bikelife culture is so strong in my neighbourhood and sometimes i like to document it

  • Bloom

  • Half dome and friends
    Jarod Azzarito

    minolta x-570 X ilford hp+5

    Views from the top of El capitan in Yosemite National park.


    PENTAX 6X7 / PORTRA 400

  • Fatvillage door
    Martin Cass

    Canon 80d 24mm

    Took this at Fatvillage in Fort Lauderdale

  • Planes
    Martin Cass

    Canon 80d

    Takin at the Ft Lauderdale airport

  • graduation party 2019
    Amélie Offenbacher

    iphone 7+

  • Beachside

    Samsung maxima zoom 105 kodak gold 200

  • Crag finding
    Rob Senior

    Dubblefilm Jelly

    Shot at 19mm on a NIKON F100.

    We took a leisurely approach to finding a rock climbing crag in the Italian mountains, eyeballing the views along the way.

  • Pit stop // oceAnside
    Daniel gonzalez

    Canon t6

  • Brussel bmx jam
    Laurent stevens

    nikon f3 / Nikkor 35mm f2 af-d / ilford HP5

    Shot this during the cluut bmx jam 2019 in Brussel.

  • Childhood
    Zio Domingo

    Mamiya RB67 / Portra 400

    Ewa Beach, Hawaii

  • Forest green

    Vancouver, wa.

  • Grams on gram
    Rayan Bakhsh

    VoigtlÄnder bessa R4M / TMax 100

  • Sacramento, calif.
    Rob Beckstrom

    Leica r6 / portra 400

    Peace march aftermath.

  • nevada

    Mamiya 645 / Kodak tmax 400 pushed

  • Summertime Fun
    Sean Wang

    Sony Nex-6 & Minolta 58mm/1.4

    Taken at Coney Island

  • The DTBK
    Gabe larkin

    Fuji superia 400

    Model citizens

  • Autumn turns to fall
    Sean Wang

    Sony Nex-6 & Vivitar 28mm/2.5

    Taken at Great Brook State Park in Carlisle, Massachusetts.

  • Its not real mom

    Canon t6

  • fiat on grenfell st
    Basil Sibbald

    Olympus OM-D E-M5

  • Beach side

    Fujifilm x-t20

    Ig: @chasinglightz

  • foresight
    Jay Shin

    Canon AE-1 (Kodak Portra 400)

    Taken at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

    Jeremy Aquino

    olympus xa2/ PORTA 400


  • PEace
    Mike Troy


  • LagUna Beach
    Derrick Kirwa


  • Leeds fest
    Lois Elbourne

    Vivitar / fuji 400

    Instagram - Lois_elbourne

  • calm waters
    Nathan Grimes

    canon 6d

  • The river pt. 1
    Tom Curcuruto

    Lightroom camera for ios

    I forgot to take off my sunglasses

  • Sailing Away
    J P Miller

    Sony a7ii

  • Beagles bees
    Jarod Azzarito

    minolta x-570

    Beagles bee's based in Napier, New Zealand

  • Wall crawl
    Jarod Azzarito

    minolta x-570 Ilford hp5

  • Been There
    Dashiel Hermann

    Practica Nova I / 35mm Color Film

    Winnemac Park, Chicago IL

  • Ocean park sunset
    Enrique Gomez

    Canon AE-1 wIth kodak Ultramax 400

    Took while relaxing at a motel during a trip to San Francisco with friends.

  • Schilksee
    Marvin Schäfer

    Sony alpha 7 Mii, Canon FD 50mm

    The gateway to the baltic sea.

  • STILL life
    Sean Wang

    Sony Nex-6 & Minolta MC 58mm/1.4

  • A Day to remember
    Gabe Larkin

    Fuji superia 400

  • black bird / daydream
    Joshua higgins

    bronica etrs / hp5 plus

    Learning to double expose.

  • Desert dreams
    Alena shure

    hassleblad/portra 160

  • flight time
    Shane McLeod

    Pentax 67 / portra 400

    Waited to join QLCC with a photo taken at Venice beach, where I first heard about the club.

  • Niagara falls
    John Del Mar

    Iphone 7

    View of the falls and Canada from the American side.

  • Summer nIghts
    Suzydee hernandez

    Yashica t3 carl zeiss

    Chinatown summer nights 2019

  • we own the sky
    João Bernardo Cardoso

    olympus stylus epic / fujicolor c200

  • Cold night
    Atte Sauranen

    Sony a6300

    Over 200 billion stars

  • The Pontoon
    Eric Bruweleit

    Nikonos V / Ektar 100

    A morning swim in the dark lake with David and his dog Lima

  • Blvd nights
    Richard Bravo

    CaNon ae-1 FujicOlor supeRia x-tRa 400

    Shooting film on whittIer blvd.

  • bIG sUR
    Dan Rasmussen

    Canon AE-1/ Portra 400

  • where is my mind?
    João Bernardo Cardoso

    olympus stylus epic / fujicolor c200

  • Low tide at dusk
    John Del Mar

    Canon 80d

    Searching for shells as the sun sets.

  • The Railways Of London
    Alex Albarran

    Canon Sl1

    Went to the United Kingdom after buying a camera to experience its environments.

  • Shore shot
    Nzo Tiano

    Nikon f3 / portra 160

    When the winds blow your way

  • avóS
    Bonnie Brooks

    Minolta X300 / Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400

    Life in SF, as a gift.

  • “false peak”
    James Barwinsky

    Minolta freedom-zoom65/Ektar 100

    Looking at the false summit of mt. olive

  • 2 frames capitalized
    Colin DRoster

    Polaroid 800 / instax mini

    Experiment of loading 2 instax exposures side by side on the film pressure plate of an old polaroid 800.

  • Untitled_171
    Lois elbourne

    Vivitar / fuji 400

  • Waikiki
    John Del Mar

    iphone 7

    Essence of the Hawaii

  • Piano man
    Israel Latham


  • SO BAD
    Carly peepgrass

    Kodak cameo motor ex/fujifilm superia 400

    Shot at the Farmers Market.

  • North star
    Phelan Murphy-Higgins

    Canon Ae-1 / Kodak Portra 400

    Night shot of the north star taken with a 20 second exposure from a trailer in the desert - Joshua tree - Ca

  • Whale Watching
    Zach schacherer

    Nikon D3400

    My sister lazer focused, looking for whales on first beach, WA.

  • Long day
    Zach Schacherer

    Nikon D3400

    I took this photo on a road trip from Minneapolis to the coast of Washington. At the end of our first day of driving we ended up in Bozeman, MT. I saw the clouds rolling over the mountains, hopped off the highway, and took my van up a sketchy mountain road to get ths shot.

  • Up with the birds.

    Fujifilm x-t20

    IG: chasinglightz

  • KAZ
    Gabe LaRKin

    Pentax spotmatic-Superia Xtra 400

  • Patrick Praman – Frontside Feeble
    Ricky aponte

    nikon d610

  • An arbroath sunset
    Lewis Crockart

    canon 6d

    Sunset through the cliffs of arbroath in scotland



  • Realistic paris
    Laurent Stevens

    Nikon FM, 50mm 1.8 ai pancake, Ektar 100

    One of the nicest evenings in Paris. Golden hour.

  • Our home…take care
    Tyler Sharkey

    yashika t4 - kodak 400

    I took this photo outside an alien research facility in hooper, co.

  • between two islands

    Sony a7sii / zeiss 16-35mm

    Was recently staying in honolulu Hawaii for a while and we decided to rip on to the earliest available island hopper flight to Kauai.

  • Reflection
    Cameron hall

    1962 Miranda sensorex

    Shot through a window looking into a kitchen. A lot going on and one of my favorite images I have created.

  • Cows in mull
    Lois Elbourne

    Vivitar / kodak 200

  • Torn

    canon 6d / canon 24-105L

    no news is good news.

  • Tennis #2
    Rudy martinez

    Iphone 6

    Tennis #2 taken during a warm up session on the ball machine.

  • how to fish

    Fujifilm x-t20

    IG: chasinglightz

  • ghost in my mother’s Garden (self-portrait)

    hasselblad 500 c/m / portra 400

    After my mother's death I began exploring the places we shared in our hearts to further learn about our relationship, reflect on the past, and grow forward.

  • Richie Jackson- Hippie Tre Flip
    Jeffrey moustache

    Canon 5D4

    Richie Jackson hippie tre flip from his last video part lit by my pioneered drone lighting style #transienteclipse

  • bai truoc 03
    kim phan

    rollei 35s / fuji 400

    Nzo tiano


    My Fuji XT2 ran out of battery, so I whipped out my phone just to capture this moment while laying on the skate park bowl.

  • keiki
    nikki ursua

    olympus infinity stylus / portra 800

    Taken at carlsmith beach in hilo, hawaii. keiki means"little one" or "child" in hawaiian.

  • together / apart
    nikki ursua

    olympus infinity stylus / kodak 400

    EARLY IN THE MORNING. Pu'u Ma'eli'eli trail.

  • san(d) blas(t), Mexico
    Christian Lucatero

    Sony alpha 7

    1st trip to mx in awhile
    ig: christtian.l

  • Steve The Sea Turtle
    Marcus Beretta

    Nikon d850

    I got to swim with sea turtles in Barbados this year and it felt like a scene from Finding Nemo.

  • caution

    ricoh 35mm point n shoot

    Kyoto, japan

  • DEEP IN the woods
    claire taubenhaus

    canon ae-1, fuji superia 400

    This was taken in the purisma creek woods outside of half moon bay, ca.

  • Solo sesh
    Manny Aponte

    Nikon d750

    Local working on his craft

  • lady walking in a yellow rain coat
    Oscar Chandler

    contax G2, Kodak portra 400

    Penny Booth

    MINOX 35


  • Good Morning

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    Good Morning from Venice fl. located on the gulf of mexico

  • reality dream
    Vivi Giaquinta

    nikon fm2 / potra 400

    I've overlapping this image two times. The first image i made only the landscape with a polarizer filter and the second with the girl using a red filter 25A.

  • Untitled_163
    Andreas Benz

    iPhone 7 Plus

    Hi guys! Andy from Germany here...
    Say hi to Andy if he‘s around!
    Love your brand and what you guys do.
    All the best

  • brother
    Adam Fowler


  • Overwhelmed and underdressed
    Anthony Arevalo

    Canon p / ilford delta 400 +1

  • going places

    canon 6d

  • The Greatest (of all time)
    Adrianna Dreckmann

    Olympus InfinityZoom on Ilford HP5

    The prettiest goat you will ever see

  • Santa monica, ca
    Rahul Raveendran

    MINOLTA X-700 / PORTRA 400

  • Fairy tale life
    Noah granitz

    Bronica etrs, ektar 100

  • newyork
    Tony Cao

    nikon d5600

  • red pagoda

    SONY A6000

    Red Pagoda seen from Kiyomizudera AKA The Water Temple in Kyoto, Japan.


  • hike to angel’s Landing
    Will Nichols

    canon eos rebel t6i

    A journey up to the top of angel's landing in Zion Nat. park, Utah.

  • Black Snake
    Evan Flom

    Pemtax Spotmatic II / Kodak Gold 200 (Soaked in Lemon Juice)

    Visiting Home in Minnesota. Winter 2016. First roll experimenting with soaking film prior to developing.

  • Solstice Structure
    Evan Flom

    Konica T4 / Ilford HP5

    Celebrating light. Summer 2018. CORNUCOPIA, WI

  • First Ollie
    Evan Flom

    Konica T4 / Kodak Gold 200

    Teaching a friend to ollie. Summer 2018. Cornicopia, WI.

  • red light
    Sebastian Allen
  • Corner Shoppe
    Daniel Ridgway

    35 MM Vivitar

  • The bay
    Alex Castillo

    Fujifilm XT-1

  • Venice, ca
    Rahul Raveendran

    MINOLTA X-700 / PORTRA 400

  • Snoqualmie Falls
    Carlo Boticano


  • city garden
    nik sosko

    Cannon tx / expired ektar 100

  • red pagoda

    SONY A6000

    red pagoda in the mountains seen from kiyomizudera aka the water temple in kyoto, japan.


  • Capitola blues
    Ben godfrey

    Olympus om-1 / ektar 100

    beachside colors in capitola, ca

  • history lesson
    jeff thorburn

    Leica d-lux 109

  • bleu et jaune et vert
    Jeff Thorburn

    Leica d-lux 109

  • oh, like you blend
    Carolyn Dowd
  • Uinta
    Preston Waddoups

    Pentax SpotmAtic

    Notch lake in Utah

  • Recreant
    Colin Loftus

    fuji x100

    A day of clarity//adelaide//south australia

  • Quiet//Hawaii
    Niko Sagaysay

    Canon T6i

    Hawaiian sunset // Kaka'Ako, Hawaii

  • Party on
    ANFERNEE Welch

    Canon Mc10 / Portra4hunnid


  • on another ocean.
    Marco Zeer

    Fujifilm X-T20

  • Falls
    Matthew McDonald

    Yashica t4 kodak ultramax 800

  • Somewhere in tokyo
    Christopher craddock

    nikon coolpix a

  • Singapore at dusk
    clarence lum

    dji mavic pro

    Capturing my cities iconic skyline at dusk.

  • lion
    ben jarvis

    canon 6d

  • Cold am

    canon a1 - kodak 200

    katya KRASNER

    DIAND F+

    This is my friends back yard. A back yard I one day wish to have for myself.

  • Tub of hot
    Van Novak

    Canon Ae 1

    Taken at a old fitness center in my town.

  • Hochelagate
    Math Phaneuf

    Sony a5000 / Sigma UC zoom 70-210mm f/4-5.6

    The Gate of Hochelaga on Ontario street in Montréal

  • Bunker hill
    Marvin Mendoza

    Pentax spOtmaTic

    welcome to the city of angels

  • smoke pollution
    anthony kelley

    canon t1i

    A girl works on her laptop in a bellingham park in thick canadian forest fire smoke

  • scratched
    Emma Kafka

    canon av-1

  • Roosevelt national forest
    Leah cregut

    iphone 7

  • Paris market
    Adrian unger

    Yashica FX-D and Yashica ML 50mm/2 on Ilford XP2

    The kid couldn't take their eyes off of the dead ducks.

  • The ponderer
    Sam Howard

    Sony a77ii

    I took this photo of this elderly man when walking back to town. Then as I passed him he asked if i've looked at the view and not just seen it. I joined him for 15mins and walked away with a new lesson in life.

  • York Square liquor
    Joey Lara

    kodak funsaver

  • Old docks
    Will cavanaugh

    Sony rx100 iii

  • In Bloom
    Emily Reilly

    Canon AE-1/ Kodak 400

    Spring in New York

    Paul Mai

    leica MINI II / PORTRA 400


  • The bridge
    Sascha Buschenhagen

    Huawei p20 pro

    Sunset at the Bridge of Town.

  • colour block
    Jade Elliott

    Mamiya 645, Kodak Portra 400


  • San francisco
    Josh Elgar-Chetwyn

    Leica m6 - fuji velvia 100

    instagram is @joshelgar_photo

  • blueberry transportation
    jeff thorburn

    leica d-lux 109

  • Sunset in kyoto

    SONY A6000

    sunset in kyoto


  • primary
    joshua higgins

    canon ae-1 / ektar 100

    colours !

  • 4:32 PM
    Jonathan Soriano

    iphone 7

    keep blooming

  • MOlson smoke
    Math Phaneuf

    Sony A500 with minolta Rokkor-PF 135mm f/2.8 lens

    dat time in the BEGINNING of the winter when you can see how much co2 factory puke into the air. So this is the Molson BREWERY in montréal established in 1786 by John Molson.

  • ultralight beam.
    marco Zeer

    Fujifilm X-T20

    Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

  • soft and purple
    jeff thorburn

    leica d-lux 109

  • Green day
    jamica bylhouwer

    Canon 200d

    natures reflection, centennial park sydney australia

  • Gameface 909
    Kristopher Miller


    Ryan litteral prepares for Pro 1 practice at FD Irwindale 2018

  • Untitled_162
    Charlie reilly

    Nikon d850

  • bai truoc 04
    kim phan

    rollei 35s / fuji 400

  • Spike & P-Rod
    Andy Mueller

    16mm FishEye

    Hey all - We just cleaned up this entire section and are starting fresh. We're looking for new photos to post, so please join the club and submit for your case to be showcased here!