Aaron Farley Collecton
May 31, 2021

We’re proud to introduce our newest artist collection!
For Summer 2021 we’ve teamed up with Aaron Farley. Click here to see his QL collection. 

Here’s a little info behind the collection:

The fabric pattern came from the layers of spray paint that were building up on my drop cloth after painting pieces of the sculptures I’ve been working on. The cloth ended up being as interesting colorwise as the piece I was working on so as I was painting I placed the shapes to paint so the colors overlayed in interesting patterns. Jennifer (from QL) saw a photo of the drop cloth and thought it would make a great fabric.

I’ve been working a lot with color, shape and pattern and including different scrap pieces or photos of scraps and paint in my work. The monoprints came out of this ideas as well.. I ink a piece of glass and press that onto paper and since it dries quickly, only some of the ink transfers over, but you can never tell what it’ll look like until you pull the paper up. I started to find faces within the shapes and patterns in the prints and I build from there with different colors whether painting or printing until its built up to a fully realized piece.  I feel like the faces are some kind of trickster waiting to be found.