Dec 14, 2020

Daniel Götesson (1978), known as EKTA, is a Swedish artist, currently based in Gothenburg.

EKTA works across numerous mediums, encompassing drawing, collage, painting, sculpture, textile, large wall works, animation, performance, installation, and music. His practice is characterized by a willingness to take bold risks, both in its literal sense as well as artistically. In the context of where he makes his work and in his ongoing investigation into new materials and visual language. When discussing his work, EKTA emphasizes the importance of failure as a way of moving forward, and challenging established structures. This subversive nature of his work, comes through both in his process and use of materials as well as in his imagery, ranging from pure abstraction to combining formal elements with figurative elements, often appropriating patterns, symbols, iconography and figures in outlines or as colored silhouettes. 

A short short interview of sorts by Andy.


Daniel Götesson / Ekta

Location and description of location:

Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. It’s rainy and damp with great art & music. 


Everyday life stuff and things I see in the street. Art by kids and autodidact artists.

A place you’d like to visit:


Music or Movies: (and describe)

Anything with a good base and drum. Mainly dub.

What makes you laugh:

What’s not intended to be funny and that I can’t explain why it makes me laugh. 

Describe your work:

Full of mistakes.

Favorite hobbies:

I don’t have a hobby, I do what I feel like until I get bored of it.

Something you’d like to say or tell us about:

I rarely know what I’m doing. 


Thanks for doing this rad collection with us.
We love your work. 

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